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Who is FormaCars?  We bring your dreamcar to life. We’re nuts about cars, building cars, enhancing cars, making lots of power and pulling G’s and just having fun with cars.  If it fits within that, and there’s a market for it, we’ll likely give it a shot.

One thing we are doing is building component cars to a high level of finish and performance.  If you want a kit built, but don’t have the time or skill set to do it yourself, get in touch.  We can build you a stunning car exactly as you envision.

We also manufacture solutions to many of the pain points in building a component car. Not simply more parts that get you closer to solving the problem, but as fully fleshed out solutions with everything you need in the box.  If you’re struggling with part of your build, let us know and maybe we can help you out.

Beyond that, who knows?  Turbo kits for production cars? Maybe. Lightweight, CNC billet aluminum control arms? Why not? So, if you’ve got an automotive performance challenge you want solved, get in touch, we’re crazy enough to try just about anything.

No conversation is turned away as dreams are limitless at FormaCars.



FormaCars started as a…



"Why didn't I come here sooner?" — Hamlet Daily

"Fairfield is a modern day foodie's utopia. " — Village Post

"An unforgettable time that inspired a new relationship with cooking and eating. " — City Gazette

"No better way to spend a weekend than with good food and good friends. " — Hicks Globe




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