818 Bump Rails

With a car as low as the 818, bottoming on things like speed bumps is bound to be a problem.  Our 818S wasn't even finished and had only been out of the shop a couple of times to go cart and we'd already scraped it getting on and off the dyno.

We bolted our seats through the frame tubes, as many builders probably do, so the low point in the center part of our chassis was the heads of the bolts holding our seats in. Since scraping the head of our seat bolts on every speed bump seemed bad, we thought creating a rub rail kit was a probably good idea and probably something others would want.

Our 9 piece kit is CNC machined black UHMW which is tough and slick.  It starts at the front of the main chassis and wraps around both sides, extending to the rear wheels.  Each piece attaches with 3-4 self threading screws (the kit includes enough for 4 per piece) and the properly sized drill bit for those screws is included.

It's easy to install no matter if your car is still in pieces or already complete.  And in true FormaCars fashion, everything you need is in the box, and ground shipping is free.

At $189 shipped to your door it's good protection for your bottom side.  Order here.