Cars and Coffee

Back in October as Halloween approached and with colder weather not far behind, we decided to make a big push to get FC001 running and driving to take to the local Cars and Coffee before we all hunkered down for the winter.  We set 10/22 as the date.

Two issues threatened to prevent us from attending. 

First, the car would not fire because the ECU wasn’t getting the proper signal from the BCM and factory alarm system.  That was mainly since they were both gone because we didn’t need them.  A 12v signal to the proper ECU input fixed that.

Second, once running, the car would quickly start to overheat.  Turns our bleeding the cooling system on the 818 is not an easy task because of the long cooling lines and all their ups and downs.  We got it figured out and in the process we developed a fix for it too. (Look for more on that in another post.)

So, late on Friday afternoon we got her going and she took her first spin around the parking lot.

Saturday’s C&C event was a bit brisk, but well attended and the bare 818 got lots of attention and supportive comments.  We’re looking forward to coming back with a finished car in the spring (or sooner, if the weather breaks)