Who is FormaCars?

Who is FormaCars?  That’s a good question, one we haven’t quite answered yet.  I mean, we know this – we’re nuts about cars, building cars, enhancing cars, making lots of power and pulling G’s and just having fun with cars.  If it fits within that, and there’s a market for it, we’ll likely give it a shot.

We’re starting with component cars, building cars to a high level of finish and performance.  Our first was a Factory Five Racing 818S, moving quickly to a Mark IV and soon we'll be building one of the first of the third-generation Type 65 Coupes.  If you want a kit built, Factory Five or otherwise, but don’t have the time or skill set to do it yourself, get in touch.  We can build you a stunning car exactly as you envision.

Along the way, we’re discovering there are challenges to completing every kit, which we see as opportunities to help every builder get theirs done.  After all, the point of a kit is to build a car, not collect a garage full of parts.  So, as we’re developing solutions to those, we’re making some of them available to anyone trying to build their own cars.  Not simply more parts that get you closer to solving the problem, but as fully fleshed out solutions with everything you need in the box.

Beyond that, who knows?  Turbo kits for production cars? Maybe. CNC billet control arms? Why not? So, if you’ve got an automotive performance challenge you want solved, get in touch, we’re crazy enough to try just about anything.