Mark IV - Body and Chassis Reunite

Our build is progressing along nicely, I need to get this thread caught up with it.

About 2 weeks after separating the body and chassis, the body returned, primed and ready for paint.

Now we can marry the body & chassis again, finalize the engine mounting and do the final trim on the side pipes and louvers.  

As you can see, our first attempt saw the right side pipe line up with the pre-cut openings quite well, but the left side was way too high.  After a little adjustment, we got them nice and even.  We ended up having to trim a fair bit beyond the openings that Factory Five made.  

After taking a look at the Factory Five louvers, we decided to upgrade to the nicer Finish Line louvers.  We were able to get them in time to trim the openings to match before the body had to go back to the body shop.

Lastly, while the body was here we decided to have the cockpit area 3D scanned so we had 3D CAD data to develop our interior.  We're going for a more modern interior aesthetic and that will require 3D data to develop.  Aerosport Modeling, a local prototype shop, came out with their Faro arm mounted scanner and did the scanning for us.  We also had them scan the back of the MT82 transmission to help us with our sifter development (Which is coming along nicely, after a slight set back. Kyle will have some info on that later when he posts about our Type 65 build.).

After seeing the scanner at work, we're thinking real hard about all the ways a scanner could help us and trying to justify buying one.  Very cool tool, but not cheap.

After all that, the body came off and went back for final paint and we continued the work on the chassis.  More on the paint and chassis work later.