New Gen 3 Type 65 Build

We got our first peak at the new Gen3 Type 65 Coupe in Factory Five's SEMA booth. From that day, we knew we had to build one, and quickly placed our order.

We are honored to have chassis number 9, which we are told is the third production unit. Building a kit this early in production means that there are no build manuals yet, and some components have not been finished. While it may yield some extra challenges, this build should test our skills and allow us to help pave the way for future Gen3 builds.

Along with the Type 65, we are also building a MKIV Roadster. Both cars get the engine, transmission, and rear end from low mileage 2016 Mustang GTs. We decided to go off the beaten path a bit and stick with the MT82 to keep it consistent. We have test fit the combo in the MK4 so far, and have begun developing a shifter solution. Both cars will also be receiving a Titanium Gray paint job, accented with black and our signature lime green. Just picture it: Two matching Cobras with 435hp, six speed manuals, and less weight than a Civic. One roadster, one coupe, both singing their V8 song through side pipes. Could this be the perfect set of twins?

Maybe so, but I'm Kyle, and I have a problem. So I had another idea for "twins"...


As if 435hp in a ~2300lb car wasn’t enough, the Type 65 will be receiving twin turbos. Not just any turbos either, a pair of Borg Warner EFR7163s.
The oil pump gears will be replaced with billet units to support the high power, but the rest of the engine internals will remain factory. We have a few supporting mods as well, which you’ll see soon.

First, here it is the day we picked it up.

We inventoried both cars on the same day, and realized just how well Factory Five packages all the parts. Look at that pile!