Mark IV - Update

We had a great time at the Factory Five Open House and were proud to have our Mark IV take home a trophy for Best in Process.  But the London Cobra Show was just around the corner so there was little time to rest once we got home.

We arrived home Sunday afternoon and after an afternoon of rest, hit the ground running on Monday to get done for the London Cobra Show. In that two weeks we completed the chassis wiring, installed the seat tracks and seats (with heaters), mounted the body, hood, trunk and doors, finished the interior including the custom door panels (with door poppers) and carpet, wrapped up the remaining sheet metal, installed the lighting, installed the roll bars, machined and installed 4 billet pieces (2 door handles, gauge surround and shifter surround) and what seemed like a hundred of other details.

The team worked their butts off and we had a great looking car for the London Cobra Show (see our write up here). Unfortunately, a last minute discovery meant that we still didn't have a runner. As I've mentioned, we are using ECU Master on our build and it turns out that the Coyote has "passive" ignition coils where power to the coils passes through the ECU rather than "active" coils where the ECU simply sends a signal and the power is routed directly to the coil. Well, the ECU Master will only handle up to 6 passive coils and so, out of the box, will not run our Coyote. The good news is that we found the appropriate coil driver chips and we've mocked up a driver module that should do the job, but we just ran out of time to install and test it before the show.

So, while we still have a lot of details we want to improve upon (like getting it running, obviously), the car is largely complete and we're very happy with the results.