Do I Need A Donor Car When Building A Kit Car?

You’ve started your journey into building your own dreamcar and wondering if you need to have a donor car for your new custom car build. The simple answer is yes and no :). Ha! Not as easy as you thought, huh? There are a few kits that come with just the body, frame, and other components. You don’t always need a full donor car, rather you could just purchase new or used parts. In some situations you are generally looking at purchasing the following:

  • Engine

  • Transmission

  • Rear End

  • Wheels and Tires

  • Paint

  • Battery

  • Fuel pump

You could quickly go over your budget by 20k if you didn’t complete the proper planning. If you want to complete any additional modifications, there may be additional parts to purchase as the factory only included items around their kit.

You’ll find that people often go well beyond their budget with all the extra parts and tools they will need to build their component car. This is the difficult part about determining whether or not a build is what your are looking for or just an amazing fun car.

For some it is the journey, for others it is the end point. Some enjoy the build experience, others find they don’t like it. If you don’t mind the learning experience and making a few high value mistakes, building a car can be very rewarding. If all you want to do is have an amazing looking car that is what you’ve dreamed about driving your entire life, then that is where we come in. What excites us is the opportunity to create, build, and deliver your perfect dream car.

A line that we like to use and are proud of is that we haven’t built the same thing twice. Of course we have the full capabilities to build that exact replica (and we will), or help you start or finish your project. You should contact us as we love to chat about what you are thinking (you’ve found our weakness ;)).

We hope this helps in your decision making process. Please leave a comment with your thoughts and share this article! Reach out with additional questions.