How To Customize and Fabricate a Dash in Your Custom Built Car

Whether you are building a component car (kit car) or full custom car, fabrication/modification can take some rather advanced skills. You’ve spent all this time making sure the paint is perfect, your exhaust gurgles the sound of igniting 10000 angry fire warriors, tires grip the floor like a bear holding onto a honey comb (it ain’t letting go, you seen how many times those things get stung for some honey?), etc. But, what about your interior?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some A/C, seat heaters, stereo system, some cool gauges, and LCD screen or entertainment center… a glove compartment? And, you’re probably thinking, I don’t need that. To that I say, why not just stop eating and drinking too?

At FormaCars we are fortunate enough to have access to 3d scanning, high quality engineers, precision commercial CNC machines and 3D printers, top quality machinists and fabricators, and a massive desire to do the impossible; to name a few. We can build you anything your heart desires.

If you are going to fabricate your car dash on your own, adding a gauge or two is pretty simple as long as you have the right tools, some patience, and the ability to throw out the dashboard and buy a new one if you screw up. If you are trying to redesign the dash altogether with different materials like premium leather or a custom cut slab of burl it definitely will help to have done this before. We’d rather you contact us and ask us questions on how to do it right rather than making a mistake and regretting it.

We say this all the time. We love talking to people about their builds. Give us a ring, email, or chat with us through the site or our social platforms. We want to help you reach your goals and aspirations. A friendly chat has always been an enjoyable part of what we do and you are no exception. Contact us!

FormaCars Custom Car Dash

FormaCars Custom Car Dash