Should I Hire Someone To Build My Car?

At FormaCars, we bring your dreamcar to life. We build you a vehicle that you will be proud off as people will envy you. We tell new people all the time, when you drive in one of our vehicles, everywhere you go people are in total awe of the quality and beauty of the FormaCars machines. In addition, wouldn’t it be nice to have the peace of mind that you could be enjoying a meal at a restaurant when it starts to rain and not have to worry about running to your car to make sure every delicate electrical component is covered or in a garage. At Formacars our cars are waterproof and durable. Rather than worry, you can actually finish your meal.

These are vehicles that are fully customizable, anti-corrosive, comfortable, livable (we sometimes use the term “creature comfort”). They are luxurious non-compromised machines. And, indeed, fun!

Should I Hire Someone to Build My Car? This is a question that often comes up. We’ll help guide you with a few thoughts.

Here is how we see it, do you really want to build your own car, or do I want to drive your dream car? A line we often use is for some it is the journey, for others it is the end point. Some enjoy the build experience, others find they don’t like it. If all you want to do is build a car, check out the Factory Five Racing Build School. For not even a fraction of the cost of a real build, Factory Five Racing offers you the ability to build a car for $800. This workshop is completed over 3 days as you’ll go from bare frame to completed car. If you decide you do want to build your own car, they’ll offer you $250 rebate toward the purchase of your Factory Five Kit.

When you are thinking about spending around $65,000-$75,000 on your own basic kit build, $800 is well worth the sacrifice.

If all you want to do is have an amazing looking car that is what you’ve dreamed about driving your entire life, then that is where we come in. What excites us is the opportunity to create, build, and deliver your perfect dream car.

A line that we like to use and are proud of is that we haven’t built the same thing twice. Of course we have the full capabilities to build that exact replica (and we will), or help you start or finish your project. You should contact us as we love to chat about what you are thinking (you’ve found our weakness ;)).

We hope this helps in your decision making process. Please leave a comment with your thoughts and share this article! Reach out with additional questions.

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