An Interesting Day With The Arizona Cobra Club

Famous and insightful words only come from the most extraordinary minds of our time, “You probably just ran out of fuel”.

We came a day early to Barrett-Jackson to sponsor an event with the Arizona Cobra Club. We took our Type 65 and Mark IV to display. On the way down to the party the Mark IV suddenly started sputtering and cut off at a light we were stopped. We thought that was odd and started it right back up. A few minutes later, on a busy highway, the engine shuts down and we pulled to the side of the road. … To put some backstory to this before we go any further…. We often prototype and try to push the limits of our display cars. We experiment with them and as the prototypes prove themselves to be successful we update our standard customer facing models with the new and improved equipment, That being said, it is not completely out of question for something to stop working or throw us into thought when running the display models.

We are sitting on the side of the road for hours, testing issues and noting that there is no fuel pressure on the fuel pressure gauge. As we are sitting dead at the side of the road we are seeing Cobras drive by (attendees for our event). We even had a customer wanting to purchase a vehicle from us stop us and ask us what was going on (we had given them a ride in the Mark IV the night before). As you could imagine, embarrassing :).

Eventually, the Factory Five crew rolls by and stops behind us, also going to the party we are co-hosting, giving us a playful hard time as one of them said you probably just out of fuel. Well, we are not sure why we didn’t think of that, but as we added fuel the car started right up. All we can say about that is we believe ourselves to be professionals at hindsight…

When we made it to the event we met some great people and appreciate Paul & Mary Gillespie for hosting the event at their home. We had great food and conversation while everybody got to show off their vehicles.

We also provided prizes for a raffle and the winners will be listed below after they are verified! Check back soon ;).

  • Gary Stubbs - $300

  • Bob Brandle - $100

  • Greg Keller - $100

Contracts to the winners!