How To Make A Kit Car Or Custom Built Car Street Legal?

It’s nice to have finally designed your first dreamcar, but how do you know if your custom built dreamcar is street legal?

Each state has their own rules and as you should expect certain states have more regulations than the rest. At FormaCars we are designing and building your dreamcar to your perfect specifications. We put full consideration into your state legal requirements. After getting a custom built FormaCars machine the last thing you want is for it to be sitting in a garage (although, they are so pretty you may be satisfied pulling out a chair and just looking at your beautiful car ;). We do it as well.). The the rest of the world will love it too! People will envy your machine.

Street legal items shouldn’t be surprising, though. Mirrors, lights, turning signals, horns, etc. are common among all states. Building custom dreamcars and doing this for as long as we have, nothing is really shocking to us. If you have any general thoughts or concerns, just send us a line or chat with us now!

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