What Do I Need To Insure A Custom Car Or Kit Car?

In most cases your custom car, component car, or kit car will not be insured through a traditional personal lines auto policy. You’ll find that a lot of the major insurers partner with specialty insurance companies or classic car insurers. Don’t fret, as it’s not hard to get insurance for your beautiful dreamcar! Here are a few items that you will need:

  • Photos of the vehicle: interior, exterior, engine, open trunk, and in the garage

  • A written document displaying all custom work and modifications. (So, if it is a kit car, yes, you will want to document everything!)

  • How you intend to use the vehicle (you’re likely good as long as it is not your daily driver)

  • Where you will store the vehicle

  • Proof of other daily driver vehicle/s

  • No serious infractions (alcohol-related, reckless driving, etc.)

Contact FormaCars to see how we document your build to make it easy for you to register and insure your vehicle.

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