We'll Pay Your Flight, Hotel, & High Performance Driving Course

We want to fly you and another person of your choice to Columbus, Ohio, put you up in a hotel, and have you enjoy a High Performance course at the Mid-Ohio Sports School. Of course you can come visit our facility and hang out with us as well.

Here are the details:

  • We pay for flight (x2)

  • We pay for 2 night hotel (x1)

  • We pay for 1 of 3 courses (x2):

    • Stage 1: High Performance Course

    • Stage 2: Advanced High Performance Course

    • Stage 3: Lapping Program

How to qualify:

Provide us a warm introduction to someone you know that ends up purchasing a vehicle from us!

That’s it! Can’t be too hard right?

We believe you are the greatest sales agent for us as you have seen our machines and know the quality and engineering we put into them. You won’t find anything like it out there and we are proud of the exquisite work we do.

The fine print:

  • Flight details: Includes two coach tickets from anywhere in the contiguous United States.

  • Hotel details: We will put you in a nice hotel like a Hyatt, Hilton,or similar.

  • High performance course details: Each course level has specific requirements that you must be able to meet. Please review the requirements for additional information: http://midohio.com/information/official-requirements. Max course value will be $950 (x2). Mid-Ohio provides the vehicles.

  • Waivers: Yes, you will have to sign a waiver with FormaCars and Mid-Ohio that we are not responsibility if you injure yourself, death, etc.

  • Limited Time Offer!

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