Coupe Safety Features - FormaCars Feature Highlight

Hey FormaCars Fans!

We had a fan request to do a safety video on our coupe build. In this video, I’m going to walk you through some features of the coupe frame as well as some additional features you’ll only find at FormaCars.

Our frames are the highest quality and strongest you’re going to find to date. They are lightweight, Made in America, and made with high strength steel.

The frame is made up of laser cut powder coated Type A36 plate steel. The mechanical properties of A36 plate steel make it particularly suited for structural applications. You’ll see A36 steel used applications like bridges, buildings, heavy equipment, construction, and automotive because of its high strength and toughness. The powered coating prevents corrosion and increases the integrity of the steel over time.

It comes with 1 5/8” 6-point roll cage main tubes with cross bar that are compliant with land speed and drag requirements. The roll cage is made of DOM Round Steel Tube which is a sturdy and reliable tubing used in race car frames, motorcycle frames, and farming equipment. It comes with a built-in front sway bar mounts for open track or performance driving.

As you can see with the roll cage, we have full down bars as well as a Y bar in the center to support the hoop. It has a windshield bar as well as a dash bar.

In the coupe you sit in what we refer to as a pod. So you are sitting really low. You are surrounded by frame to about up to lower rib cage and lower extremities.

Our 4-point seat belt harness mounts to round tubing behind the shoulders and welded-in 3/16” plate steel mounts on the floors, which can be upgraded to a 5-point harness

FormaCars offers launch controls and flatfoot shifting on all of our coupe models. In addition we offer touring, sport, and track drives modes along with 7 points of traction control.

The drives modes allow you to choose how aggressive you want your drive to be. In track mode, it is wide open, as they say balls to the wall. Everything is turned off or turned up, however you see it. In touring mode, you are limited and really calming the engine for a smoother ride. This mode would be good for just cruising around town, going out to dinner, or just relaxing. There is still a significant amount of power in all modes, don’t get me wrong, but that’s where the varying degrees of traction control come into play. Think about adjusting these during rainy weather or say saving some cash on new tires.

We also provide a detachable steering wheel as well as emergency door exit if the electric door opener fails for any reason. This is located on the driver and passenger side.

I hope you enjoyed this feature highlight video.