Cobra Roadster


Turn-Key Starting at $69,9oo

Cruising in the Cobra Roadster is something you do as a ploy. In a moment the earth will rumble and any person within a 4 block radius is going to turn their head only to witness a plume of smoking tires as you drive off with tremendous speed and agility.

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Every FormaCars Cobra Roadster is built in the USA and designed around you. Three series are available which are the modern Signature, vintage Classic, and a fully Custom build (available per request). We build the factory luxury Cobra Roadsters using historically renowned Industry leading roadster frames and chassis’ designed by Factory Five Racing. FormaCars paint and interior work is second to none as people will melt with envy when you drive by.



Turn-key Starting At $69,900


You’ll say “ I’ve always wanted one and want it to look just like the original”. An exquisitely designed period-specific interior respecting the original heritage of this timely classic. Be prepared for people to ask, “is that an original?”



Turn-key Starting At $82,900


You’ll say “I love the look and sound of the old classic cars, but modern luxuries are necessary for me.” An exquisitely designed ultra-modern interior, form and function respecting the original heritage with all the modern amenities. Be prepared to be envied everywhere you go.

Cobra Roadster Features

Every high-quality FormaCars Cobra comes with waterproof electronics, powder coated sheet metal, painted rivets and more to increase value and last a lifetime.


  • Integrated HVAC System

  • Heated & Cooled Seats

  • Premium Sound System

  • Wireless Proximity Security System

  • Wireless Cell Phone Charger

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Control & Traction

  • Launch Control

  • Drive Modes (Track, Sport, Tour)

  • Adjustable Traction Control

  • Flatfoot Shifting

  • Power Steering

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Interior & Exterior

  • Modern and Vintage Interiors

  • Powder Coated Sheet Metal

  • LED Lighting

  • Heat & Sound Insulation

  • Custom Paint Options

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  • 435-HP Engine

  • 6-Speed Transmission

  • FormaCars Cold Air Intake

  • Fuel Surge Tank

  • Independent Rear Suspension

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Watch a demonstration of the benefits of flatfoot shifting and listen to the premium sound system in a FormaCars Cobra.


FormaCars Ford Coyote Engine

FormaCars Cobra Roadster comes with a generation 2 5.0 L 435-HP Ford Coyote V8 Engine with a FormaCars designed cold air intake and MT82 6-speed manual transmission. The generation 2 Ford Coyote is a robust modern engine that is well known for durability, thrilling power, and reliability. Being a light cast aluminum engine with 400 ft. lbs of torque burning out, smoking tires, getting in and out of curves quickly, and being one of the fastest vehicles on the street will prove easy with this setup.

With silky smooth shifting, FormaCars advanced precision engineered MT82 Shifter Conversion Kit allows for the transmission designed for the Coyote engine to be used in the Cobra Roadster. This conversion allows for the shifter to be located in the ideal location for a great shifting experience and response.

The FormaCars designed cold air intake is engineered to pull in the freshest and coolest air. This allows for overall better performance and encouraging a race worthy performance setup.

Additional configurations are available including the ability to supercharge and more!

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Cobra Roadster Build Specs

• = Included | ○ = Optional | - Not Available Roadster
100% Full Customization is Available, Please Inquire On Price Classic Signature
Price $69,900 $82,900
435 HP Ford 5.0 L Coyote Engine
FormaCars Air Intake
Holley Sniper Intake Manifold and Throttle Body
Ford Cobra Jet Intake Manifold and Throttle Body
Kenny Bell Supercharger Tuned and Installed
Surge Tank
Ford MT-82 6-Speed Manual Transmission
Control & Traction    
Launch Control
Drive Modes (Track, Sport, Tour)
Adjustable Traction Control
Flatfoot Shifting
Hydraulic Clutch
Power Steering
Koni Independent Front Suspension
K○ni Independent Rear Suspension
Three Link Straight Axle
Four Link Straight Axle
Front Brakes: 11” Ford Mustang GT
Rear Brakes: 13” Ford Mustand GT
Front Wheels: 17” x 9” Halibrand Replica
Rear Wheels: 17” x 10.5” Halibrand Replica
Front Tires: 17" Performance Summer Tire
Rear Tires: 17" Performance Summer Tire
12.8" Wilwood Brakes (Front & Rear)
Front Wheels: 18”x 9” Halibrand Replica
Rear Wheels: 18”x 11” Halibrand Replica
Front Tires: 18" Performance Summer Tire
Rear Tires: 18" Performance Summer Tire
Ford Performance ECU
FormaCars Customized ECU Master
Powder Coated Chassis
Period Related Interior Design -
FormaCars Exquisitely Designed Ultra-Modern Interior -
FormaCars Integrated HVAC
Custom FormaCars Gauges
LED Convenience Package -
Heated Seats
Cooled Seats
High Back Seats -
Low Back Seats
Power Door Operators -
Premium Carpet
Premium Leather
Wilwood Pedal Box w/ Wilwood Master Cylinder
Custom Interior Colors
Billet Shifter Surround
Billet Rear-View Windshield Mounted Mirror
Removable Steering Wheel
Hood Scoop
Side Louvre
Hood Louvre
FormaCars Heat Insulation
FormaCars Sound Insulation
Three Independent Master Cylinders
LED Lighting
Powder Coated Sheet Metal
Custom Powder Coated Sheet Metal
Custom Powder Coated Chassis
Custom Painted Brake Calipers
Painted Rivets
Painted Engine Cover
Blackout Package
Single Color Body Paint
Single Color Stripe
Two Color Stripe
Ceramic Coated Steel Side Pipes
Stainless Steel Long Tube 4x1 Headers
Stainless Steel GP Headers
FormaCars Oval Side Pipes with Muffler Bypass - -
Under Car Exhaust
Custom Driver Side Mirror
Custom Passenger Side Mirror
Dual Roll Bar
Chrome Roll Bar
Windshield Wipers
Wireless Proximity Security System
Pushbutton Start/Stop
Premium Sound System
Push Button Operators (Lights, etc.)
Latch Push Button Operators (Lights, etc.) -
Electronically Controlled Parking Brake
Manual Parking Brake -
Waterproof Electronics
Wireless Cell Phone Charger
USB Charging Ports

Why FormaCars?

FormaCars Cobra Roadster is the most exhilarating and outstanding replica built in the marketplace. The high-quality precision engineered luxury Cobra comes with all the performance capabilities you would expect from an exotic race car.

New Technology Builds a Better Iconic Car

  • Modern technology allows for stronger, and safer frames

  • FormaCars advanced intelligent technology allows for more control over launch and acceleration

  • Advanced suspension, braking, and controls allow for better handling

Established company with robust capability

  • FormaCars is backed with decades of manufacturing experience

  • In-house precision manufacturing and design capabilities

  • Industry known limited production builder

Top-Tier Replica Builder

  • Industry recognized builder

  • Innovative and precision engineering model deliver amazing results

  • Preferred Factory Five builder

Watch this walk-through of a signature series Cobra Roadster designed for the Cystic Fibrosis foundation explaining the performance, modern luxuries, custom paint, and top-class engineering.





“…They practically had to mop our drool off of it.”

-Hot Rod Magazine

Frequently Asked Questions

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+ Can I use a different engine?

Yes, we can install any engine you would like. We recommend the generation 2 5.0 L 435-HP Ford Coyote V8 Engine, but we are happy to accomodate your engine and transmission choice. Please contact us to learn more!

+ Why would I buy a Cobra if I can build it myself?

That is a great question, and one we often get. We have additional information about this on our blog, Here is a simple explanation, if you really want the experience of building your own car, do it. If you really just want to enjoy the car, hire FormaCars to build it for you. The average time a person takes to build their own car is 2-5 years. That is 2-5 years your garage will be filled with tools and parts. In addition, costs accumulate very quickly. We are happy to chat with you to determine if building or buying will be a better fit for you. Please don't hesistate to contact us!

+ Are you an official Shelby Cobra builder?

The original Shelby Cobras were made in 1963-1967, but you can often find them at large auctions for six and seven figures ($). FormaCars is a Cobra Replica builder and we use the most advanced highly engineered frame and chassis from Factory Five Racing. Any "Shelby Cobra" built today is either a replica of the original or licensed by Shelby America. FormaCars uses the Factory Five Racing kits because they are the most advanced and highly engineered Cobra replica chassis designed to date and have a very long history of being the best in the replica marketplace. Call us to learn more about how we are leading the replica marketplace!

+ How long does it take for you to build a car?

Generally, it takes 90 days to completely build and deliver your car. That is after we have received the frame and chassis. A frame and chassis could take up to six weeks to be completed, so you are looking at about 120 days in total. Keep in mind that some custom modifications could extend your build time and we will be upfront on the expectations. Please call us to learn more about our build process!

+ Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, we offer a 24 month unlimited mileage bumper to bumber warranty with every new vehicle build. Please contact us to learn more!

+ Do you build a 427 and a 289 Cobra replica?

Yes, we can build you the 427 and the 289. We use Factory Five Racing frames and chassis, so you have the choice between the 289 (Mk4 USRRC Roadster), 427 (Mk4 Roadster), and the MK4 Challenge model.