Feeling the power and top speed of an iconic race car is something you will never forget. It’s an experience you must have. If you want a cockpit like experience with a car that moves and looks like a bullet, than this is the car for you.

FormaCars Signature Coupe

Who is this car for?

You’ll say “I love the look and sound of the old classic cars, but modern luxuries are necessary for me.” An exquisitely designed ultra-modern interior, form and function respecting the original heritage with all the modern amenities. Be prepared to be envied everywhere you go.

FormaCars Classic Coupe

Who is this car for?

You’ll say “ I’ve always wanted one and want it to look just like the original”. An exquisitely designed period-specific interior respecting the original heritage of this timely classic. Be prepared for people to ask, “is that an original?”

• = Included | ○ = Optional | - Not Available Coupe
100% Full Customization is Available, Please Inquire On Price Classic Signature Custom
Price $84,995 $99,995 Call
435 HP Ford 5.0 L Coyote Engine
FormaCars Air Intake
Holley Sniper Intake Manifold and Throttle Body
Ford Cobra Jet Intake Manifold and Throttle Body
Kenny Bell Supercharger Tuned and Installed
Twin EFR Turbo Chargers, Air to Water Intercooler
Surge Tank
Ford MT-82 6-Speed Manual Transmission
Stability & Traction  
Launch Control
Drive Modes (Track, Sport, Tour)
Adjustable Traction Control
Flatfoot Shifting
Hydraulic Clutch
Power Steering
Koni Independent Front Suspension
K○ni Independent Rear Suspension
Three Link Straight Axle
Four Link Straight Axle
Front Brakes: 11” Ford Mustang GT
Rear Brakes: 13” Ford Mustand GT
Front Wheels: 17” x 9” Halibrand Replica
Rear Wheels: 17” x 10.5” Halibrand Replica
Front Tires: Nitto G555 245/45 ZR17 Ultra High Performance Summer Tire
Rear Tires: Nitto G555 315/35 ZR17 Ultra High Performance Summer Tire
12.8" Wilwood Brakes (Front & Rear)
Front Wheels: 18”x 9” Halibrand Replica
Rear Wheels: 18”x 11” Halibrand Replica
Front Tires: Nitto NT01 275/35 ZR18 Competition High Performance Tire
Rear Tires: Nitto NT01 315/30 ZR18 Competition High Performance Tire
Ford Performance ECU
FormaCars Customized ECU Master
Period Related Interior Design -
FormaCars Exquisitely Designed Ultra-Modern Interior -
FormaCars Integrated HVAC
Custom FormaCars Gauges
Custom Digital Dash -
LED Convenience Package
Heated Seats
Cooled Seats
High Back Seats
Low Back Seats
Laser Engraved Door Thresholds
Power Windows
Power Door Operators
Premium Carpet
Standard Leather
Premium Leather
Wilwood Pedal Box w/ Wilwood Master Cylinder
Padded Roll Bars
Custom Interior Colors
Billet Shifter Surround
Billet Rear-View Windshield Mounted Mirror
Removable Steering Wheel
Head Rests
Hood Scoop - -
Side Louvre
Hood Louvre
FormaCars Heat Insulation
FormaCars Sound Insulation
Three Independent Master Cylinders
LED Lighting
Powder Coated Sheet Metal
Custom Powder Coated Sheet Metal
Custom Powder Coated Chassis
Custom Painted Brake Calipers
Painted Rivets
Painted Engine Cover
Blackout Package
Single Color Body Paint
Custom Body Paint
Ceramic Coated Steel Side Pipes
Stainless Steel GP Headers
FormaCars Oval Side Pipes with Muffler Bypass
Under Car Exhaust - -
Custom Exhaust
Windshield Wipers
Wireless Proximity Security System
Pushbutton Start/Stop
Premium Sound System
Push Button Operators (Lights, etc.)
Switch Button Operators (Lights, etc.) -
Electronically Controlled Parking Brake
Manual Parking Brake -
Waterproof Electronics
Wireless Cell Phone Charger
USB Charging Ports