Replica Car Builder - Other Builds

Have a car in mind that we have not listed? FormaCars has the skills and advanced engineering capabilities to deliver you an amazing car that will meet your aspirations. We’ve love to have you visit our factory to learn more about us.

Are you looking for an exotic car that you can take to the track or just enjoy a beautiful serene drive? FormaCars is a replica builder of exotic and iconic cars and our beautiful cars are leading the marketplace with our innovative and precision engineering. FormaCars is a preferred builder for Factory Five Racing cars and will be building their new supercar (currently known as the Factory Five GTF). There are no limitations to the vehicles we can build. We can do Caterhams, Porsche, Healy Enigma, Ultima, Race Car Replica, Factory Five Racing. If you have a Backdraft, Superformance, Kirkham, or similar cars, we can design and install modern interiors or build you a new car from the ground up. Call us directly at (614) 249-9492 or click to contact us now!