1L Fuel Surge Tank

1L Fuel Surge Tank

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Remedy your fuel starvation issues with our remote fuel surge tank.



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The FormaCars Fuel Surge Tank is designed to remedy your fuel starvation issues and ensure that your engine gets the steady supply of fuel that it needs. Fuel starvation occurs when the vehicle's in-tank fuel pump cannot provide adequate fuel to the engine. This is often experienced in cornering situations, and becomes increasingly apparent as performance levels increase.

Since the Surge Tank is under much less pressure than your vehicle's fuel rails, your existing in-tank fuel pump becomes a low-pressure "lift pump", often increasing it's capacity significantly.

Every tank comes pre-assembled with an AEM 380lph pump inside. This single pump can provide enough fuel for 1,200HP on a naturally aspirated vehicle, and continues to flow high volumes as pressure increases. For more information on the pump and flow chart, see AEMelectronics.com.


Our Fuel Surge Tank is designed as a universal product. It can be mounted vertically, horizontally, or anything in between. There are enough inlet ports on both ends of the body, providing flexibility in fuel line routing. 

The fuel pump is semi-submerged; the surrounding fuel keeps is cool, but there are no submerged electrical connections.

The tank is constructed out of billet aluminum, anodized, and sealed together with Viton O-rings to aid in ethanol resistance


  • 1L Fuel Surge Tank

  • Billet mounting bracket - Universal

  • Mounting bolts

  • 8AN outlet check valve

  • 3x port plug fittings

  • Wiring boots and ring terminals

Optional Wiring Harness

To keep the 380lph pump flowing it's maximum capacity, it must be on a fused circuit capable of supplying the pump with up to 25A. A circuit with this much extra capacity is rarely found on a factory vehicle, meaning a whole new circuit must be added. Our Wiring Harness takes the headache out of adding a circuit, providing you with a fused, relay-controlled circuit in one tidy package. Everything is required and installation is easy.

Optional Fitting Kit

Includes the four fittings necessary when using 6AN fuel lines. This consists of 3x M12x1.5 to 6AN Straight fittings and 1x 6AN ORB Straight fitting. O-rings for each fitting are included.