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It’s that moment of exhilaration, with your throttle 1/8th depressed, and you know within the next few beats of a second you’re going to be in a place you’ve been waiting for your entire life. You’ve always had a passion and a desire, just like us, that sparked the creation of FormaCars to develop a better and more affordable replica car than the market has seen.  With all the capabilities, skills, and love of the industry, FormaCars delivers leading turn-key iconic cars as an established top-tier replica builder.

Our vision is to fuse luxury, performance, quality, and technology into every single machine we build; constantly pushing ourselves for people who have a passion for cars, classic car designs, breathtaking lines, charisma, and personality.

We build factory luxury automobiles through bold, innovative, and precise engineering made right here in the USA; and we deliver an experience like nothing else!

What People Are Saying About Us

I could not be happier with the result of the work that FormaCars did. The paint was perfect, I couldn't find a flaw anywhere. I'm really impressed by the fit and finish of how the doors fit and the doors latched. I highly recommend the door latch and aluminum side vent upgrades! The front and rear bumper upgrade really helped give the car a more complete finish. FormaCars was worth every penny. I would recommend them to anyone! - Mike Risch

FormaCars Cobra Club Raffle

“the 2019-raffle car is everything you’d expect from this up-and-coming high-tech builder. The company started out with a Factory Five MkIV Roadster, powering it with a modern 5.0-liter Coyote engine and six-speed manual transmission. The installation is seamless, and the custom-painted engine cover matches the roadsters tri-tone finish in silver, black and red. The updated theme continues through the rest of the exterior where you’ll find matte black trim and blacked-out Halibrand-style wheels with red spinners. A set of wild projector-style headlights completes the aggressive exterior.

Like other builds we’ve seen from FormaCars, the interior of this MkIV is a real knockout. An array of red-faced gauges are laid out in the center with a sound system and full heat and air-conditioning fitted. Controls are nicely integrated around the shifter for additional features like ABS, traction and launch control.” -Reincarnation

Daytona Coupe Interior by FormaCars

“Formacars of Columbus, Ohio, brought this Daytona Coupe replica to Power Tour and they practically had to mop our drool off of it. Appropriately, it is also powered by a Ford.

Coyotes haven’t caught on as a candidate for engine swaps as the LS, partially because the overhead-cam V8 is physically larger, which makes it tough to fit into many engine bays. But it looks perfect here, especially with the twin turbos bumping up the output to 750 horsepower. Mated to the engine is a six-speed manual, and Formacars says they’ve added traction control to help take the driving experience from scary to righteous fun.

Overall, the fit and finish of this car is excellent—especially considering many kit cars like this can feel a little bit like “rivet and forget it.” Check out the interior; all the white panels have been 3D printed specifically for this car. The panels can be colored to match the rest of the interior later but were left white so that anyone can inspect their handiwork.”

- Hot Rod Magazine

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