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It’s that moment of exhilaration, with your throttle 1/8th depressed, and you know within the next few beats of a second you’re going to be in a place you’ve been waiting for your entire life. You’ve always had a passion and a desire, just like us, that sparked the creation of FormaCars to develop a better and more affordable replica car than the market has seen.  With all the capabilities, skills, and love of the industry, FormaCars delivers leading turn-key iconic cars as an established top-tier replica builder.

Our vision is to fuse luxury, performance, quality, and technology into every single machine we build; constantly pushing ourselves for people who have a passion for cars, classic car designs, breathtaking lines, charisma, and personality.

We build factory luxury automobiles through bold, innovative, and precise engineering made right here in the USA; and we deliver an experience like nothing else!

"Once again, staying with our standard of always trying to embrace the best technology available; so we can always deliver results that exceed our clients expectations." - Chris Relyea


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3777 Business Park Drive, Suite E
Columbus, OH, 43204
United States