818 Wiper Kit

One of the things not included in the Factory Five Racing 818 kit is provisions for a wiper.  Although most 818s will be fair weather cars, a windshield wiper is still required to get the vehicle titled in many states.  Factory Five does offer a kit that uses the wiper mechanism from your donor, but it requires cutting away a large section of the hood, spoiling the aesthetics of the front of the car.

Unwilling to cut our 818S hood, we set out to develop a cleaner wiper solution. We tested numerous different motor/arm/blade combinations to find a setup that offered the most coverage, while still allowing us to hide the motor under the hood with no cutting involved. The best results came from a single-wiper configuration using a long arm and angled 22" blade. The wiper motor is waterproof, features two speeds as well as self-parking, and is entirely adjustable. This, combined with the two-way adjustable wiper arm, ensures an optimal wiper coverage area. A 3D printed ABS mount secures the wiper to the chassis using the included installation hardware, and two motor spacers are included to account for variation in 818 windshield mounting. Lastly, a new hood support has been created to allow the wiper to pass through, and is included with every kit.

Our kit includes a 2 speed self parking wiper motor, a 3D printed ABS wiper mount, a new hood support, two spacers to accurately position the wiper motor relative to your windshield, an adjustable wiper arm, a 22" wiper blade and the hardware to attach it.  Wire it up through the WRX wiper stalk (instructions included) or through your own switch.

It's priced at $399 and, as always, shipping is free. Check it out in our store here.

(We are still waiting on the hood supports from our vendor, which should be in no later than 3/20/2017.  As soon as they come in, we'll update the store page.)

Note: The wiper mounts in kits will not have the hole for brake balancer as shown in the images.