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It’s that moment of exhilaration, with your throttle 1/8th depressed, and you know within the next few beats of a second you’re going to be in a place you’ve been waiting for your entire life. You’ve always had a passion and a desire, just like us, that sparked the creation of FormaCars to develop a better and more affordable replica car than the market has seen. With all the capabilities, skills, and love of the industry, FormaCars develops leading turn-key iconic cars as an established top-tier replica builder.

Cruising in the Cobra Roadster is something you do as a ploy. In a moment the earth will rumble and any person within a 4 block radius is going to turn their head only to witness a plume of smoking tires as you drive off with tremendous speed and agility.

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Feeling the power and top speed of an iconic race car is something you will never forget. It’s an experience you must have. If you want a cockpit like experience with a car that moves and looks like a bullet, than this is the car for you.

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Nostalgic cruisin’ with full on style, bench seating and luxurious comfort is what you would expect on a day trip or long weekend. Easygoing experience with unlimited performance capabilities make the 1935 Hot Rod Truck truly serene.

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Performance and handling of a modern exotic car, with the historic American classic heritage is exactly what you would expect from the '33 Hot Rod. Proven to outperform a Lamborghini on the track, you already know if this vehicle is for you.

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Gliding seamlessly over the roadway with tremendous acceleration floating in a friction-less dimension… you’ve just experienced the FFR 818. This 1800 lbs vehicle is an extremely lightweight car designed for track, but just as nice on the street.

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